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The VIV Index is designed to measure the constant, 30-day expected volatility of the Bitcoin and Ethereum options market (and other assets in the future), derived from real-time crypto call and put options.

This VIV Index introduces the model-free IV methodology implemented in the Volmex Implied Volatility Index (VIV or VIV Index, hereafter) created by Volmex Labs. It has four major components
1) Data consolidation
2) Filtering
3) Calculation
4) Smoothing

  • Hedging and risk management
    • VIV is a gem that behaves differently than an average market portfolio of crypto assets! It moves up when the market goes down, and reduces the losses in times of FUD. Add it to your portfolio now!
  • Speculation
    • VIV is simply the volatility! It is highly persistent and has a tendency to revert to its mean value. Perfect asset to speculate on!
  • Market indicator
    • VIV is the fear gauge of the market! It captures not only crucial information about the current market state but also what market thinks about what’s next. Use it to create trading strategies!

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